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GAMES  My foundation lies in extensive use of C/C++ which I used to develop several game engines from scratch. I utilized heavy math, complex algorithms and optimization while architecting game engines, graphics pipelines, AI, and more. On my game teams I took further initiative by accepting product manager responsibilities and attending additional classes, ultimately succeeding in delivering each milestone with tremendous success. I successfully completed 5 games during my 3.5 years of matriculation alongside tutoring, and an overbooked course load.
WEB  I pursued web development out of passion during the early part of my career. In my first month of learning I worked tirelessly on solo end-end web applications while receiving professional feedback at work. After one month, I built this resume site, and one month after that I began contributing to front end development on a professional level at work. I have spent countless hours outside of work continuing to learn and explore web development, and haven't stopped working on both front-end and full-stack projects since I started.
TOOLS  I'm currently working with several HoloLens experience incubation teams to architect and develop an automation framework and toolset from the ground up that scales across multiple products and vastly varying devices. While creating tools and working on bleeding edge technology, I've not only grown as a developer, but have experience based intuition for viewing the product as a whole: helping improve product quality by identifying areas to reduce technical debt, helping design, build and integrate tools across several teams with maximum re-use in mind, working with designers to predict product technical needs, and much more.



Engine and game built entirely from scratch in C++. Featured at PAX.

Microsoft Hololens

Building an automation framework in C# to work across several products.

This Site

Spent one month learning web development outside of work to build this site.


Built 3D pipeline, math library, shaders, and shadows from scratch in C++.


Horror game built in 48 hours with Unity.

Art Portfolio

Interactive single-page portfolio built with AngularJS.

Sweet Home

Horror game built in 48 hours with Unreal. Learned Unreal on the fly.

Wub Wub Racer Magic

Survival hell. Engine and game built entirely from scratch in C++.

Artificial Intelligence

A* with obstructing object detection, and several influencing heat maps.

PaperG, Inc. Add Platform

Built automation framework, wrote front-end code, and optimized the build pipeline.


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Microsoft Redmond, WA

Software Engineer in Test II / Jan 2015 - Current

I currently work on several HoloLens experience incubation teams to architect and develop an automation framework and toolset, from the ground up that scales across multiple products and devices.

  • Promoted in 5 months based on merit.

  • Programming primarily in C# to develop automation tools that facilitate complex environments with several different simultaneously running products and vastly varying device types.

  • Working side-by-side with developers on several projects to develop test automation tools that can be used across several incubation products.

  • Writing and improving org-wide tools.

  • Debugging and solving complex problems across multiple teams.

PaperG Kirkland, WA

Software Engineer in Test II / Feb 2014 - Jan 2015

I was one of two SDETs who developed the test automation framework, build infrastructure and tools.

  • Promoted in 4 months based on merit.

  • Developed tools, features, and infrastructure that improved test performance.

  • Contributed to front-end feature development.

  • Developed tools for test automation authors to ensure reliable UI tests. (~80% less false negatives)

  • Implemented multi-browser automated UI tests and monitoring.

  • Helped lead, organize, and unify team test team efforts to be more effective.

  • Offered and received technical help on a daily basis to encourage a culture of growth.

I quickly grasped Javascript, Java, HTML, and CSS as well as several tools which I developed with.

"Adam Estela is both knowledgeable and eager to learn new things, a rare combination for a programmer. I enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend Adam to anyone who asks."

-Trevor Haba / SDE PaperG, Inc.



B.S. in Computer Science & Minor in Mathematics

Graduated: December 13th, 2013

Tutored: 3D Graphics Implementation, Game Engine Implementation Techniques, English, CS Fundamentals, and Math.

Interned: I was chosen among several students to intern in DigiPen's R&D department for my final semester.

"Adam has been great to work with. I have worked with him on multiple game projects, side projects in our spare time, and tutored with him. He is unbelievably hard working and motivated in everything he does." -David James / SDE Microsoft


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